Talks, facilitation & other musings

On alternative storytelling techniques and the future of journalism, discussed during a latter segment of The Confluence on WESA, Pittsburgh's public radio station. August 2017.

On the fee structure for public records in Pennsylvania, submitted as a public comment to the commonwealth's Office of Open Records. August 2016.

"What ideas can we borrow from the design world to solve news design problems?" is a presentation and workshop I co-facilitated with Jennifer Thibault of 18F at SRCCON in Portland, Ore. The conversation notes from the session can be found on this etherpad. July 2016.

"Reading Between the Lines" is a lightning talk I gave at CampN@ in Pittsburgh. I talked about what makes news, for a varied audience of non-journalists. April 2016.

"Investing in news: How do you ask for money?" is a conversation I facilitated at NICAR in Denver. Link includes transcribed notes. March 2016.

"How can we best monetize data — and do so responsibly, ethically and without sacrificing journalistic standards?" is a workshop I co-facilitated with Ryann Jones of ProPublica at SRCCON in Minneapolis. Link includes full transcript of the conversation. June 2015.

"What is our role in the open data movement" is a workshop I co-facilitated with Casey Thomas, a freelance data journalist, at SRCCON in Philadelphia. Link includes full transcript of the conversation. July 2014.

"{'Journalist' : 'programmer'}" is a talk I gave to Pittsburgh's Code and Supply community, introducing developers to how journalists are using their tools to publish news. Link includes video of the full presentation. July 2014.