What I do

Photo credit: Mandy Fierens Photography

Photo credit: Mandy Fierens Photography


An editor with an investigative reporting background in local news, I also speak code, design and the business of news. I work collaboratively with developers and designers, product and editorial, reporters and newsroom executives.

For 15 years, I’ve been a reporter and editor grounded in shoe-leather reporting techniques and getting it right just as much as I’ve always kept learning and applying new techniques and philosophies to how we tell and share our stories. It’s a path that has led me to combine skills from two industries: journalism and design.

That means my work is delivered from a unique perspective:  

I’ve been in the trenches: I've managed Sunday obituaries, compiled police blotters by hand, and filed dailies twice a day for an afternoon paper. I've reported on local-government budgets in four states, covered the destruction of U.S. Army chemical weapons near small communities in Eastern Oregon, investigated housing inequalities and corruption in the Arkansas Delta.

I've coached and edited reporters. Laid out front pages for printed editions, and designed the architecture and content strategy for digital editions. I've fielded calls from passionate readers of both.

I learned how to speak code so that I can effectively scope and manage both editorial and enterprise projects. I've worked with circulation and ad sales and tested pricing strategies. I've evaluated newsroom workflows and third-party vendors of internal tools. And I've spent time in the business world, embedded with an information design firm where I consulted on corporate data strategies and facilitated decision-making among roomfuls of executives.

At the heart of it all, I'm always digging, questioning and verifying, and always evaluating how we're achieving the ultimate goal: Telling stories that honestly get our audience's attention.

Contact me via:

Email: amyjo@warstreetsmedia.com

Twitter: @amyjo_brown