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Project and consulting services

Illustration by Em DeMarco.
Illustration by Em DeMarco.
Illustration by Em DeMarco.
Illustration by Em DeMarco.

Editorial strategy: Data and Information Design

Do you want people to trust you? To believe you? To make decisions using your information? When the goal is to share important information, the quality of the work — how your audience perceives it — will ultimately depend on the quality of the information being shared. Is it accurate? Complete? Does it answer all the questions your audience will have? I can work with you early in the process before you publish or present to help you determine what stories you have to tell and how to best tell them.



Groups struggle to reach agreement. These workshops are designed to overcome inherent challenges in group communication and to facilitate fast decision-making. I help ensure everyone in the room is heard, and that your group thinks together using a transparent — and memorable — process.



Everyone needs an editor. Even editors. I've been fortunate to work throughout my career with great ones. Their skepticism, precision, quality control, kindness and commitment to protecting my own voice and style have influenced my own editing approach. I work closely with you, helping you develop your story ideas, coaching you through early drafts and helping you polish the work you want to publish.


Research and interviews

How do we know? That's the question always at the heart of my research, which is the first phase of most projects. I dig in to find the information needed in order to tell a good story or to make a good decision. My goal throughout is to find the right questions and the right sources to get the best answers to those questions, and to ensure all the facts gathered are presented in the right context.