How I can help

Pitch evaluation

Have an idea you’d like to pitch an editor? A story or a column? I can help you identify your idea’s strengths and weaknesses, its most compelling aspect and where questions might come up based on your target publication. This won’t guarantee acceptance, of course. But a test run and constructive feedback can put you in a better position, particularly if you are not used to pitching ideas professionally. (This is a good resource, for example, for academics or industry experts who would like to share their knowledge with a wider audience).

What you’ll get: I'll provide an initial consultation, a documented assessment of your proposal plus background information on the editor(s) and publication(s) you are targeting, and a wrap-up consultation to talk through your strategy.


Story editing

Sometimes referred to as developmental editing, you can think of this as getting an answer to a simple question: Do you have it? Have you gathered all the information you need to tell a good story, one that your audience will trust? I can provide constructive feedback on an early draft of your essay, article, strategy document, presentation, annual report, etc. — anything you’ve written to publish publicly or internally within your organization. I’ll look at your structure and whether or not you are fulfilling the promise you are making your readers. I’ll help identify questions that might still need to be answered and talk through where you might be able to best find the information you may still need.

What you'll get: I'll provide an initial consultation; a detailed review of your work, with notes and questions thoroughly documented; and a wrap-up consultation to talk through your follow-up questions and next steps.


Line editing

At this stage, the premise of your work is solid and the facts are all there. Now it just needs to become a better read. I consider the format you’ll be publishing in, and will help to make sure your ideas are clearly stated and organized based on its requirements (i.e., a PPT presentation vs. a long-read article vs a printed letter). I’ll look at your opening, the structure of your paragraphs and your sentences within paragraphs, your pacing, your word choice, your tone and your use of details.

What you'll get: I can coach you through the process, suggesting changes that you can make yourself and discussing the approach. Or I can make edits directly that you review and approve. In either case, we’ll agree on a certain number of draft cycles, with consultations following each.


Copy-editing & proofing

I can provide a second read before publication for typos, grammar, etc. But if it's a significant project, I recommend hiring a professional copy editor/proofreader. I can provide excellent referrals.