Content Strategy: Data and Design

How I can help

Data-focused designs

I evaluate the quality of the data you have and the stories you are able to tell. This involves interviewing the data and the people and processes behind its collection, analyzing those findings and documenting the recommendations. I also help you understand your intended audience(s) and organize and prioritize the information you wish to share.

What you'll get: I document the content strategy in detail and prepare it for hand-off to visual design and development teams. If desired, I can work alongside you, consulting through implementation. If visual design or development resources are needed, I can also help you find the right fit. 

Types of projects: 

  • News and explanatory interactives and data visualizations

  • Presentations, annual reports and static infographics

  • Dashboards and automated reports


Editorial strategies

For newsrooms, I help evaluate digital publishing strategies, straddling both the newsroom and business side of the organization. I conduct content audits and user interviews and evaluate your analytics and readership studies to produce reports with recommendations on where resources should be invested or re-allocated. I speak code and design, understand the business needs and am committed to the editorial mission. I can help you manage projects and facilitate decision-making among strongly opinionated groups of stakeholders.  

For other organizations, I can help with non-fiction storytelling projects — these are ones often used in decision-making and, for that reason, depend on conveying accurate information. I provide an outside perspective, working as researcher, editor and facilitator to help bring all your content together. 

How it works: I'll review existing materials, test assumptions, fill in gaps and identify the questions you need to answer (i.e., rolling out a new management initiative that deals directly with employees' concerns or describing a nonprofit's work over the past year in a way that meets donors' expectations of accountability). In cases where a project is meant to be ongoing (a continually updated website, for example), I am intentional about designing the content strategy to work within available resources. I also help your decision-makers stay on the same page along the way, facilitating communication.

What you'll get: Deliverables can include a variety of documentation that captures goals and strategy and helps coordinate business, design and development resources, if needed for implementation.

Types of projects: 

  • News and educational websites, apps and special projects

  • Internal corporate process or strategy documents